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What Are The Benefits Of A Dedicated Server

Establishing, managing, and organizing your marketing and brand promotions can be difficult at times. However, with the help of Dedicated SEO Hosting with a perfect set of Multiple Class C IPs, establishing, managing and organizing your online marketing and brand promotion strategies can be easy for you.

In the mainstream internet, there is no existing company that is not utilizing the use of Multiple Class C IPs to improve their visibility and ranking online. And there is no better way of establishing and managing Multiple Class C IPs than through a Dedicated SEO Hosting company. With a Dedicated SEO Host, an ocean of opportunities is opened for your business online. This benefit is seen by many companies worldwide, and many have benefited from it.

Today, people are in constant search for cheaper alternatives for everything essential. Currently, there are three types of SEO Hosting servers – shared server, Virtual Private Server, and dedicated server. Read the girlfriend activation system review for relationship tips.

A shared server is utilized by different clients to host their individual sites. This is by far, the cheapest way to host a website online. However, because you are sharing one physical server, expect limited disk space, security, and bandwidth. On the other hand, VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a shared physical server with capabilities that of a dedicated server. This means that every VPS can operate on its own with a separate disk space, security, and bandwidth similar to that of a dedicated server. VPS is the combination of a dedicated server and a shared server, with cost cheaper than a dedicated server, but more expensive than a shared server. VPS is very appealing, right?

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However, you should not shut your door completely towards the idea of investing in a dedicated server. Dedicated servers come with plenty of disk space, highest bandwidth, and memory space to cater your needs and to support your client’s needs. Additionally, a dedicated server:

− Is on top of the other types of server in terms of technical and customer service support. In case of emergencies and server issues, you will receive preference in solving a matter over a shared server or a VPS. Your issue will be resolved quickly;
− Will receive the highest bandwidth and available disk space possible. With this, you can expect maximum performance of your site with very little to zero downtime and maintenance issues;
− Will give you access to WHM control panels giving you the flexibility to manage your account online with full privileges. You can manage multiple domains, sub-domains, unlimited email accounts, PHP databases, MySQL, and FTP in a single log in;
− Will give your money site the best exposure it can have. This will definitely boost your SERP ranking in any search engine all over the world, when a relevant search is conducted;

A dedicated server may cost you more in terms of maintenance compared to a shared server or a VPS. However, with a dedicated server, you will get the highest security and you are assured it is protected and backed up in a daily basis. Investing in a dedicated server will surely boost your visibility online, popularity, and marketability, which will eventually be reflected on your financial statement. A dedicated server speaks for itself, as well. The quality of server you use will reflect on the quality of a company you operate.

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