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Nowadays, iPhone is well-known worldwide. Most of the people want to have an iPhone. Why? It is because iPhone is durable in terms of performance and it is elegant and sleek in terms of design. In addition, when you ask iPhone users about their experience, they will say that they are very satisfied with the product.

If there’s positive response then along with it are the not so positive responses from Apple’s iPhone. The following are the 3 things only iPhone users can relate to:

Music via PC

It is hard to manage your music. If you want to have a new music on your phone and you could not download online, you really have to take time to transfer your music from your PC to your iPhone. It’s easy to transfer but do you have to do it every time you need to insert new music to your phone?

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Download music via iTunes

The thing is if you do not want to open your PC because you’re not in the mood to open it, you have to download music via iTunes. You have to get a strong internet connection just to download all of the music you wish to be in your playlist.


When you have nothing to do, even just once in your life, you will wonder if SIRI is mart and if SIRI can talk to you nicely. You will try to talk to Siri yet Siri will respond that he can’t you. Hahaha! Then you’ll realize that Siri is not that smart at all. Who among you have tried this? I bet you’ve done it at least once.

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